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Beauty Basics

Ok I'm actually not that tired!!
I just posted in the 'Basic Must Have MAC' thread on Specktra ( and it inspired me to make my own list of my personal favourites, not just make up! I'll do skin care, hair, beauty tools, hair removal creams etc. It won't all be high end, I don't just use high end beauty products!! Eventually I will do an explanation for everything but will have to update that as I go along. If you want to know more about a certain product just comment and ask and I will reply.
Please remember this is what suits me best and what I like best so it might not suit everybody! I'll probably forget lots so I might have to keep editing it. Anyway, enjoy :)

Check out this brilliant website by Kevin James Bennett, he's a top make up artist and created this website called 'In My Kit' to give you an idea on his favourites. If you're wondering why there is no MAC in there, its because hes pretty anti-MAC but I won't go into that!!

MAC Prep & Prime Skin- To be honest, I'm not the best person to ask about primers... I've only ever tried two, which is this one, and MAC Prep & Prime Face, which I hated!
Revlon Skinlights - Not really a primer as such, some use it as a foundation (my mum for example). Its an illuminator which you apply before foundation or alone, or dot and blend after foundation for that glowy look. However I believe it is now discontinued :(. It comes in five shades which according to KJ Bennett soften flaws, brightens skin, and boosts overall radiance. And he's right! I love this stuff.

Eye Shadow Primer
Urban Decay Primer Potion - This stuff is a GOD SEND! Minus the crappy packaging, if you want no creases, no budging, no moving whatsoever, this is your answer. Your eyeshadow will last from the minute you put it on until the minute you take it off. I've heard some people complain that it makes their eyeshadows harder to blend or makes their eyelids dry out, but I personally have had no problems with this little angel!!

MAC Painterly Paint Pot - This isn't neccessarily a primer, but is a good alternative if you cannot get hold of UDPP (Urban Decay Primer Potion). For me its almost identical to my skin tone (MAC NM15/NM20 for reference) which makes it brilliant as if I'm just going for my lazy look which consists of foundation, blush, concealer, mascara and blacktrack fluidline, its brilliant for evening out my skin tone on my horrible dark eyelids! I find it keeps eyeshadows on as well and is great for bringing out the vibrancy in eyeshadows. Most of the time I use UDPP & Painterly together for that extra guarentee that A) My eyeshadow looks the colour it should be and B) It'll stay on all day!!

Too Faced Shadow Insurance - I haven't bought this yet, but I will do soon. I've heard some great reviews on it, infact, in polls a lot of people have said they prefer it. I've looked at it however, and I can see why some prefer it. For a start, its a squeezy tube! Much better than UD's apparently 'straight' bottle. Also I believe its more liquid like (don't count me on that!), whereas UDPP is a cream, and some have claimed it makes eyeshadow blending much easier. I promise to buy this soon and review it!!

MAC Studio Fix Fluid
MAC Studio Fix Powder+
MAC Select Spf
Revlon Colour Stay Foundation

MAC Studio Finish Concealer
Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat
Boots No7 Instant Radiance Concealer
Make Up Forever Pro Concealing Cream Palettes

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural

MAC - Sunbasque, Mocha, Strada, Peachykeen, Dame, Cantaloupe (PRO)
NARS - Orgasm
NYX - Desert Rose, Raisin

Liquid - Rimmel Exaggerate Liquid Liner
Gel - MAC Fluidline
Pencil/Kohl - Rimmel Soft Kohl, MAC Kohl Power (LE), MAC Eye Kohl, GOSH Velvet Touch

I have various favourite eyeshadows, all from different brands! Ultimately of course my favourite is MAC. I have various favourite colours but my top five I'd choose are probably Carbon, Embark, Satin Taupe, Patina, and Soft Brown. Other favourites include Amber Lights, Sprout (DC), Sable, and many more. Other favourite eyeshadow brands include Urban Decay, NYX, NARS, Inglot, GOSH, Make Up Forever, Benefit and many more. Of course I can't forget MAC pigments. These aren't just eyeshadows, they have a number of different uses, but I generally only use them on my eyes, eye safe or not! Naughty I know hehe.

Urban Decay Brow Box
Benefit Brow Zings
Benefit High Brow
MAC Brow Shaders

Christian Dior - Diorshow Blackout Mascara
Rimmel - Magnif'eyes Mascara
Givenchy - Phenom'eyes

MAC Lipsticks
NARS Lipsticks
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks
Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick
MAC Lustreglasses
MAC Dazzleglasses

MAC Cream Colour Bases
NARS Multiples
Benefit Dr Feelgood
Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes
MAC Brushes (187, 217, 219, 239)
MAC Sculpting Powder
MAC Brush Cleanser
Benefit High Beam
Temptu Air Brush Cosmetics
Carmex Lip Balm

Right, I know it sounds bad, but I'm not huge on skin care. By that I don't mean I'm a dirty cow who doesn't wash haha I mean that I've never bought anything expensive for my skin. Well, say over the £20 mark. Probably even over the £10 mark! I mainly use drugstore brands, purely because I don't have any major skin issues other than its oily. I very very rarely get spots, I get a lot of blackheads, but they go eventually. I know I should invest in some good skincare but right now, I don't feel the need. My skin is fine (kinda!). I'm not saying its perfect, infact it isn't at all really, my skin is quite blotchy but I naturally blush a lot, its not due to break outs etc, its just the way my skin has always been. I use SPF everyday and never ever sit in the sun/use tan beds - this baby burns! Ironic that my surname is Byrnes (pronounced Burns) lol. I sound like my skin is 100% perfect/up my own arse, i'm not!! So yeah, I'll just a few of my skin care items. This includes body skin care too.

Johnsons Baby Wipes
Origins No Puffery Cooling Eye Gel
Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Cleanser
Garnier Cream Cleanser (don't know exact name)
Nivea Toner (don't know exact name)
The Body Shop Pore Minimising Serum
Nivea Control Shine Moisturiser
Lush Herbalism Facial Scrub
St Ives Facial Scrub
Philosophy The Microdelivery Mini Peel Pads
Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula
Carmex Lip Balm
Boots Botanicals Nourishing Body Butter
The Body Shop Body Butters
Dove Moisturising Creme
Nivea Creme
Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream
Neutrogena Visibly Clear Daily Cleansing Cushions

Related Skin Care
Mitchum Roll On Deoderant
Nivea Pearl Beauty Deoderant
Sure for Women Deoderant
Veet Hair Removal Cream
Veet Wax Strips
Vasogen Nappy Rash Cream (the ULTIMATE cream for shaving rash!!! It'll be gone within 12 hours!)

Theres nothing I love more than a refreshing shower or a relaxing bath, and everyone loves to smell amazing and feel super super clean! Theres nothing like that 'just out the bath' feeling. Heres a few of my favourite bath time things such as shower gels, scrubs, facial washes, bubble baths and so forth. They're not in any particular order.

Lush Honey I Washed The Kids Soap
Lush Herbalism Facial Scrub
Lush Aqua Marina Scrub
Lush Almond Butter (I think its that!)
Palmolive Tahiti Shower Gels (unfortunately not available in the UK, only in France I think, they smell AMAZING!)
St Ives 'Swiss Vanilla' Moisturising Body Wash
Imperial Leather Skin Cocoon Shower Gel
St Ives Apricot Scrub
I can't remember its name but a Dove Moisturising Body Wash
Lynx Shower Gel - I like to smell like my boyfriend sometimes okay? haha.
Soap & Glory - The Scrub Of Your Life
Theres so much more but its my parents bathroom so I'll check in the morning!!


I work in a hairdressers so I have enough hair products to sink a ship! Heres a few of my favourites...

Paul Mitchell Shampoo Two
Paul Mitchell Instant Moisture Shampoo
Paul Mitchell Colour Protect Shampoo
Paul Mitchell Instant Moisture Daily Treatment
Paul Mitchell Hair Repair Treatment
I'm gonna abbreviate Paul Mitchell to PM now :P...
PM Heat Seal
PM Worked Up
PM Extra Body Boost
PM Super Skinny Smoothing Serum
PM Extra Body Finish Spray
PM Foaming Pommade
PM Spray Wax
PM Relaxing Balm
PM Thicken Up
GHD Iron Oil
Herbal Essences Shampoo
Alterna Straightening Balm
Alterna Repair Shampoo's and conditioners
Alterna Caviar Treatment
Alterna Caviar Rapid Repair Shine Spray
Alterna Split End Reconstructor
Alterna Styling Souffle
Batiste Dry Shampoo
Alterna Hemp Shine Spray
Alterna Sheer Pommade
Shockwaves Styling Hairspray
PM Freeze and Shine Super Spray


Venus Razors - the breeze blades are so easy to use!
Nivea For Men Shaving Foam - much prefer mens shaving foam to ladies!

Argh! That took me forever! Theres so much more too! I'm gonna gradually add explanations to each product but right now theres so many and just writing them all has taken me about an hour!
Anyway, I hope that helps someone somehow, and have a cookie for reading it, its so long! Remember I don't use all those products at once hah!

Caroline xo

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