Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Hey :)
My first post, how exciting!! I don't have much to say really apart from welcome to my blog, hopefully I'll get some subscribers, or 'followers!' hehe. Anyway... I've just discovered this website called ShopStyle, where you can basically create your own looks, and you can also create your own beauty looks! Well, not neccessarily 'looks', but what you'd use, its quite good! This is one I did earlier, you can also do it with clothes too..

Benefit at ShopStyle

See! Its quite good, its not my best attempt... there is 103 pages to flick through! Its pretty awesome because you can learn about all sorts of new products, exciting stuff!

Anyway, its now... 12:40am & I should rest my bad self, I'm ill with a nasty cold at the moment :( But oh well, I'll live, I'll update this at the weekend most likely :)


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Posey said...

New blog! I love makeup blogs!

I will definitely "follow" you so please update often!

I am from specktra (where i saw your blog in your signature.. my s/n is RoseyPosey)

Keep the entries coming! i will be watching! Adding you knwo to my "follow" list lol.

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